Ehcache Core Training


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Ehcache Core Training

Terracotta training courses give you an edge in building world-class, highly scalable and available java applications with Terracotta.

Get the most out of Terracotta Ehcache. Ehcache is a free, open-source caching product suite for building highly scalable, highly available java applications. In this intensive 2-day course, you will learn how to build scalable applications using Terracotta Ehcache, the most widely deployed open source java caching framework. Through one simple interface you will be able to address all of your data scale needs from single instance caches, to replicated caches, to distributed coherent highly reliable caches. Learn how to take full advantage of Ehcache and all of the available functionality to deliver high application performance and scale.

Learn how to:

  • Get immediate performance gains, enhanced operational control, and seamless scalability.
  • Understand common uses for Ehcache.
  • Use the various Ehcache editions and leverage each to meet your performance and scale needs.
  • Identify what data & how much data to cache.
  • Use the Ehcache console and developer tools to maximize your productivity.
  • Configure, manage, and tune your caches for optimal performance, reliability, availability and scale.
  • Instantly boost application scale and performance through Hibernate interface.
  • Learn about the advanced capabilities of Terracotta Ehcache and Terracotta Core Platform.
  • Deploy Ehcache in traditional enterprise architectures and highly virtualized architectures.

Terracotta Core

The Terracotta core training course is an introduction to scaling your application with Terracotta. Learn how to integrate, test, deploy and manage Terracotta technology with your application stack. The course is detailed, technical, and practical, with an emphasis on giving you a solid foundation in core concepts and illustrating solutions with scale-out and performance use cases.

The training covers the following topics:

Integration - Your application and Terracotta
  • Distributed caches
  • HTTP Sessions
  • Clustering Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs)
  • JVM coordination, collaboration, and eventing
  • Terracotta Integration Modules - Hibernate, Spring, Struts, etc.
Deploying your application with Terracotta
  • Configuration
  • Terracotta HA deployment options
  • Best practices
Testing and tuning your Terracotta application
  • Testing and Tuning Tools - Cluster snap shot tool, lock analyzer, console
  • Tuning Terracotta
  • Tuning your application
Monitoring your application with Terracotta
  • Basic console
  • Advanced console
  • Plugging in your own—JMX
Certification Program

The Terracotta Certification Program ensures that developers and administrators have earned the skills, knowledge and experience to set up and maintain Terracotta clusters.

For the engineer or technician Terracotta certification advertises your expertise with a fast growing technology that's quickly becoming an indispensable part of clustered java applications.

Custom and On-Site Training

Custom training courses are available and priced on a time-and-material basis. Custom training emphasizes an agreed-upon portion of the regular training curriculum and other topics as needed to address your specific project or use case.

All training courses are also available onsite at your location. Travel expenses and additional costs may apply.

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