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May 2013

Hadoop & In-Memory: Real-time Big Data Intelligence

May 22, 2013; 10am PT; Topics: BigMemory, Hadoop

Hadoop is sparking a Big Data analytics revolution. But all the Hadoop insights in the world are worth nothing unless they lead to new, profitable action. To translate Hadoop insights into action in real time, more and more enterprises are combining Hadoop with the power of in-memory computing.

Join us as we outline the tremendous benefits of merging Hadoop with in-memory data management, the challenges of doing so, and tips for getting started.

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April 2013

Ditch the Disk: Designing Great In-Memory Architectures

April 26, 2013; 10am PT; Topics: BigMemory

Everyone's buzzing about the incredible performance gains from in-memory data management. But how do you move all of your data into RAM while still ensuring enterprise-grade availability, consistency, and control?

Join us as we highlight the benefits of a great in-memory architecture, the challenges of building one, and emerging best practices inthe field.

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March 2013

5 Ways to Boost E-Commerce Site Performance

March 13, 2013; 10am PT; Topic: BigMemory for eCommerce

Learn how e-commerce sites use in-memory data management to increase speed, scale, stability, operational efficiency, and most importantly, revenue.

Get an inside look at how several leading e-commerce sites have overcome common performance challenges by moving more data into memory.

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December 2012

The BigMemory Revolution in Financial Services

December 13, 2012; 10AM PT; Topics: BigMemory Max

Geoff Lunsford, Sales Director, Americas and Karthik Lalithraj, Senior Solutions Architect, Terracotta discuss how you can use BigMemory Max to Solve Big Data Problems in the Financial Services Industry

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October 2012

5 Reasons to Upgrade Ehcache to BigMemory Go

October 25, 2012; 11AM PT; Topics: BigMemory Go

Orion Letizi, Co-Founder Terracotta, and Eric Mizell, Director of Field Engineering, Terracotta, discuss how you can turbocharge your Ehcache deployment with BigMemory Go - 32 GB Free.

We all love Ehcache. But the rise of real-time Big Data means you want to keep larger amounts of data in memory with low, predictable latency. In this webinar, we explain how BigMemory Go can turbocharge your Ehcache deployment.

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