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Universal Messaging

Simple. Scalable. Real-time messaging.

Simply put, Universal Messaging streams data across Enterprise, Web and Mobile platforms better and faster than any multi-product messaging platform on the market.

Simplicity — An All-in-One Solution

Industry-leading messaging standards, wire protocols and transport options from a single solution, eliminating the complexity and latency incurred by bridging multiple messaging systems.


Scale applications as new delivery channels demand and respond to the demands of new devices or protocols. Scale with any increase in user numbers or data volumes.

Multiple Language APIs

Full interoperability between client APIs of your choice across Enterprise, Web and Mobile platforms.


Communicate with a secure transactional system that includes encryption, pluggable authentication, and entitlements services that exceed regulatory requirements.

High Availability

Guaranteed message delivery using transactional semantics and persistence that provides unsurpassed levels of availability.