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Quartz Scheduler

Terracotta Quartz Scheduler

Terracotta Quartz Scheduler is an enterprise-grade, commercial job scheduler that can be integrated with, or used alongside, virtually any Java application — from the smallest app to the largest enterprise system — to provide fast, flexible and extremely reliable job execution. While based on Terracotta's open source Quartz project (the de facto job scheduler for Java), the commercial Terracotta Quartz Scheduler provides access to the massive in-memory capacity of Terracotta BigMemory Max for scheduling, storing, and accessing jobs. Able to handle single-node environments, massively clustered configurations, and everything in between, Terracotta Quartz Scheduler is robust enough to manage hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of concurrent jobs.

Terracotta Quartz Where: Control not only when jobs run, but where

Terracotta Quartz Where (not included in open source versions of Quartz) is a feature that offers commercial Terracotta Quartz Scheduler customers the ability to control where jobs execute — based on machine name (user-defined node or node group) or machine resources (RAM, CPU or OS). For applications that take advantage of both Terracotta Quartz Scheduler and Terracotta BigMemory, Quartz Where lets you control where jobs execute based on the location of data in a distributed in-memory management platform.

Quartz Community Resources

Are you looking for information about the open source Quartz project, its community forums, documentation and related content? Please visit the Quartz project site.