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Enterprise Ehcache

Enterprise Ehcache Is Now Included in BigMemory Max

Good news: BigMemory Max, Terracotta's leading in-memory data management platform, now includes all of the functionality of Enterprise Ehcache ... and much more. Terracotta now recommends BigMemory Max for organizations that might previously have considered Enterprise Ehcache. That's because with BigMemory Max you get Ehcache (most widely used standard caching API) plus all of the functionality previously offered in Enterprise Ehcache and the advantages of BigMemory, including off-heap data storage, the Terracotta Management Console, and much more. For distributed in-memory data management (across multiple servers), get BigMemory Max.

NOTE: If you are an existing Terracotta customer and would like the most recent version of Enterprise Ehcache, please contact your Terracotta support representative. For those new to Terracotta, use BigMemory Max instead.