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Max or Go? Get the version that’s right for you.

  BigMemory Max BigMemory Go
Distributed in-memory data store Yes No (standalone JVM)
In-memory capacity Unlimited (limit based on license) Unlimited (limit based on license)
Number of BigMemory mirrored stripes supported (what's this?) Unlimited (limit based on license) N/A
Number of application clients supported Unlimited (limit based on license) N/A
Fast search Yes Yes
Configurable data consistency guarantees Yes N/A
Terracotta Management Console™ Yes Yes
Fast Restartable Store™
(what's this?)
Yes Yes
BigMemory-Hadoop Connector support Yes
In-process off-heap storage Yes Yes
Advanced security (authentication/authorization) Yes N/A
Enterprise support Yes Yes
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Mirrored stripe: BigMemory Max lets you create a distributed in-memory data store made up of pairs of servers, or stripes. Each stripe consists of an active server and a mirror server, which stores a copy of the active. If the active goes offline, the mirror takes over, ensuring high availability.

Fast Restartable Store™: After maintenance or other downtime, BigMemory is optimized to bring in-memory stores back online extremely quickly, without putting undue load on a central database.

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