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Release announcement: In-Memory Data Fabric

In-Memory Data Fabric Launch Announcement

Software AG is pleased to announce the general availability of our In-Memory Data Fabric which serves as an in-memory foundation enabling speed, scale, and flexibility across the enterprise.

The In-Memory Data Fabric provides a shared data storage and transit layer for the Software AG suite and is powered by our In-Memory Data Management platform featuring fast data access via BigMemory and high speed multi-protocol messaging with Universal Messaging.

As part of this release, BigMemory Max 4.2 and Universal Messaging 9.7 are now available on Software AG Empower Software Download Center.

BigMemory Max 4.2 release introduces following notable product features & enhancements for In-Memory Data Management:

  1. BigMemory Hybrid supporting even higher scale: Introduced in 4.1, BigMemory Hybrid allowed new SSD/Flash-based storage lowering the TCO for in-memory data management. In 4.2, the platform now performs real-time auto-tuning for maximizing performance out of your SSD/Flash hardware.
  2. Continuous Uptime: BigMemory 4.2 introduces capability to apply upgrades and patches without any system downtime, starting with this version.
  3. WAN replication and TMC improvements: BigMemory 4.2 supports even higher data limits and greater fault tolerance when deploying BigMemory cluster over WAN for syncing up data centers. New REST APIs and TMC enhacements have been introduced to support advanced management, monitoring, and administration.

Universal Messaging 9.7 release has following notable product enhancements for high-speed messaging:

  1. Easier management, higher performance, faster persistence - Enhancements to use Google Protocol Buffers and improved performance for all use cases that require messages to be persistently preserved.
  2. Reduced bandwidth benefiting WAN deployments - Availability of interest-based WAN propagation routing for deployment scenarios across clusters and realms.
  3. Improved C++ API - New C++ API now matches functionality of the latest Java Transport API enabling further adoption of applications.

This release also includes release of BigMemory Max 4.1.4 for webMethods 9.7 as well as specific Universal Messaging enhancements for webMethods including providing transparent migration options for webMethods customers from broker.

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