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Product News: BigMemory 4.1 Launch Announcement

Introducing Terracotta BigMemory 4.1

In-memory data management platform

We are thrilled to announce the general availability of BigMemory 4.1 that comes with several new features and enhancements originally announced in January 2014.

BigMemory becomes universally accessible by launching support for .Net/C# and C++ applications to directly use BigMemory. BigMemory 4.1 also introduces the ability to directly query in-memory data using SQL by introducing a new feature called BigMemory SQL. Many enterprises want to leverage the latest advancements in flash to store data and lower their TCO. BigMemory 4.1 offers a new feature called BigMemory Hybrid that uses flash memory as an extended in-memory tier along with the available RAM. Now geographically remote data centers can get a consistent view of in-memory data by using a new WAN Replication service that enables fast & reliable data replication to ensure business continuity and use as part of a disaster recovery plan.

Additionally, we have continued to enhance the capabilities offered by the core BigMemory platform by making search function more optimized to use pagination, regardless of whether search is done using Search APIs or the new BigMemory SQL API. Several other platform enhancements are part of this release like support for CAS operations, enabling seamless data upgrade from version 4.1 onwards and full cache lifecycle support when no clients are connected to BigMemory.

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