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Terracotta Announces JSR107 Milestone

  • Standard Simplifies Developer Access to In-Memory Technologies
  • Terracotta BigMemory to be Fully Compliant with New Java Standard

San Francisco, Calif., September 24, 2013

Terracotta Inc., the award-winning provider of in-memory technologies for enterprise big data, announced today at JavaOne the completion of the public review phase of JSR107 JCACHE Java Specification. Terracotta played an industry-leading role, acting as specification lead and pursuing the development of the standard, which provides a common way for Java programs to create, access, update and remove entries from caches. With final approval expected later this fall, the JSR107 specification will allow developers to program to a standard API, instead of being tied to a single vendor, eliminating a major inhibitor to the mass adoption of in-memory technology. Terracotta also announced that BigMemory, its flagship in-memory platform for managing big, fast data, will be fully compliant with the specification early next year.

“In-memory technology is great for building a scalable infrastructure for enterprise Java environments,” said Greg Luck, chief technology officer of Terracotta and founder of Ehcache. “Using distributed caching, it will be easy for developers to linearly scale the performance and capacity of the storage in their big data environments. JSR107 makes it simpler than ever to integrate distributed caching into Java enterprise applications.”

By standardizing the programming API for use in caching in enterprise Java environments, JSR107 represents an important breakthrough for the Java community. Previously, Java developers would experience increased complexity and significant coding costs to support vendor-specific APIs for basic storage and retrieval to and from caches. Additionally, ISVs faced challenges to support multiple, different caching implementations on a plug-n-play basis. Now, customers and ISVs can use a very high quality, standard API to write their applications to work with a wide number of vendor implementations to achieve maximum portability.

About Terracotta

Terracotta, the leading provider of in-memory technologies for enterprise Big Data, is the innovator behind some of the most widely used software for application scalability, availability and performance. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Terracotta solutions are deployed in more than 2.5 million installations around the world, and the company boasts the majority of Global 2000 companies as customers. The company’s flagship BigMemory platform is a Big Data in-memory solution delivering performance at any scale. Terracotta’s other leading solutions include Ehcache, the award-winning de facto caching standard for enterprise Java and Quartz Scheduler, a leading job scheduler. Terracotta is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW). For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter (@terracottatech), Facebook ( and LinkedIn (