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Terracotta Universal Messaging Accelerates Time to Insight and Action on Enterprise Data

Software Platform Moves Massive Amounts of Data with Real-Time Data Streaming

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — June 24, 2013

Terracotta, the leader in in-memory technologies for enterprise big data, today announced the immediate availability of Terracotta Universal Messaging, a software platform for Big Data applications using real-time data streaming to move massive amounts of data, at extremely high speeds, across a wide range of devices and networks. Directly addressing the growing challenge of eliminating bottlenecks in transferring data within and beyond enterprise systems to external devices, such as sensors, smart phones and databases, Terracotta's Universal Messaging solution extends the use of data beyond current enterprise boundaries and accelerates time to insights and action.

Previously, Terracotta Universal Messaging was only available as a component of Software AG's webMethods. Now the unified messaging solution is available as a standalone product from Terracotta that customers can leverage for high performance messaging capabilities within and beyond the enterprise, as well as to web and mobile devices. The platform can also be integrated into existing infrastructure, and will form the messaging component of Terracotta's own In-Genius solution, a new native in-memory platform for real-time insight and intelligent action on Big Data. With Universal Messaging, In-Genius will offer high-speed data transport to and from In-Genius components, providing fast access to web and mobile devices, while also extending the cross-platform support of Terracotta BigMemory. BigMemory 4.0, introduced in March, allows for the storage of hundreds of terabytes of high-value data in machine memory for blazingly fast, predictable access.

“Today's consumers are increasingly demanding instant access to applications and services, from anywhere and at any time, and we expect that demand to grow exponentially,” said Eddie McDaid, managing director of Universal Messaging for Terracotta, Inc. “Big, fast data at your fingertips requires seamless real-time data movement, no matter what type of system or device you are using. Our Universal Messaging solution resolves this critical big data challenge and it's battle-tested, with a proven track record over the past decade powering the most demanding applications across multiple industries, including financial services, retail, gaming and utilities.”

Universal Messaging has been benchmarked by customers as the fastest unified messaging solution available. Designed to provide real-time data streaming at extremely low latencies across a wide array of delivery channels, the all-in-one messaging solution is a flexible, scalable, configurable and future-proof solution for the entire range of devices and platforms. Offering full enterprise messaging functionality, Universal Messaging is easily managed and integrated with existing infrastructure, lowering complexity, reducing costs and shortening time to market. For enterprises that view timely data access as a competitive advantage, Terracotta Universal Messaging is the only comprehensive, scalable solution available in a single enterprise-ready product.

Terracotta's platform supports an unrivalled selection of languages, messaging standards and protocols using common APIs. A tried and true solution for the enterprise, web and mobile applications, Terracotta Universal Messaging offers a wide range of benefits for each platform:

  • Simplicity
    • Common APIs for all delivery channels;
    • Single product supports multiple use cases.
  • Scalability and Performance
    • High performance, low latency, scalable, fast and secure architecture for the enterprise;
    • Easily managed and integrated with existing enterprise infrastructure components, supporting Java, C# .NET, C++, Excel VBA and Python APIs;
    • Also supports web clients including JavaScript Comet, HTML5 Web Socket, Adobe Flex, Microsoft Silverlight and Java;
    • Messaging and transport options include messaging APIs, wire and transport protocols including JMS, MQTT, Sockets, HTTP/S, Multicast and shared memory.
  • Flexibility
    • Support for all delivery channels;
    • Real-time streaming to desktop and mobile web browsers, with transparent traversals of proxies and firewalls, all while insulating from multiple underlying technologies;
    • Delivers real-time data streams to mobile devices, all while ensuring only the required data is sent;
    • Targets popular mobile clients like iPhone, Windows Phone and Android.
  • Future-proof
    • Support for new delivery channels and technologies continually added.
  • Value
    • Single vendor solution;
    • Easily managed and integrated into existing infrastructures.

Terracotta's In-Genius

In the first quarter of 2013, Terracotta unveiled its plans for In-Genius, a new native in-memory platform for real-time insight and intelligent action on Big Data that will allow organizations to discover hidden insights and instantly act on them. As a result, enterprises can significantly reduce risk, automate business processes and rapidly deploy new offers, products and services, all in real-time. Integration of Universal Messaging into the In-Genius platform will be completed by Q4 2013.

About Terracotta

Terracotta, the leader in in-memory technologies for enterprise Big Data, is the innovator behind some of the most widely used software for application scalability, availability and performance. The company's solutions are deployed in more than 2.5 million installations around the world, and the company boasts the majority of Global 1000 companies as customers. The company's flagship BigMemory platform is a Big Data in-memory solution delivering performance at any scale. Terracotta's other leading solutions include Ehcache, the award-winning de facto caching standard for enterprise Java and Quartz Scheduler, a leading job scheduler. Terracotta, headquartered in San Francisco, CA, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW). For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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