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JackBe Unveils Presto Real-Time Analytics Add-On With Terracotta BigMemory

Integrated Solution Delivers Big Data Analytics that Drive Real-Time Intelligence at Blazing Speeds

Chevy Chase, MD– June 6, 2013

JackBe®, the leading provider of Real-Time Actionable Intelligence software, today released its Presto Real-Time Analytics Add-On With Terracotta BigMemory (RTA Add-On), which bundles Terracotta's enterprise-grade BigMemory in-memory data management platform for seamless high performance in-memory analytics. This supercharged combination of in-memory and analytics allows Presto to mash Big Data with live and transactional enterprise data into actionable dashboards in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods, putting real-time Big Data analytics at the fingertips of decision-makers.

“Enterprises need a simple way to combine and dramatically speed up analytics against their Big Data, transactional and live data for a real-time, 360-degree actionable view of their operations,” said John Crupi, CTO, JackBe. “The ability to analyze terabytes of data in-memory and to have live connectivity to enterprise data sources to produce real-time analytics is becoming critical. With Presto Real-Time Analytics Add-On With BigMemory, enterprises can now gain seamless visibility into real-time intelligence via a high-speed integrated solution.”

“At least one-third of midsize and large enterprises will adopt in-memory computing, primarily to support business initiatives aimed at growing revenue and improving margins, rather than reducing IT costs. The maturation of in-memory data management technology will make it possible for organizations to add real-time analytics to their transactional systems,” said Massimo Pezzini, Vice President and Fellow in Gartner Research, et. al.* “Adopt in-memory computing innovations to support high-risk/high-reward applications combining transactions and analytics for competitive differentiation.”

Presto RTA Add-On gives business users the ability to analyze larger data sets and run real-time analytics for immediate insight. The Presto Real-Time Analytics Add-On With BigMemory includes:

  • Seamless integration with the JackBe Presto mashup engine and interactive visualizations;
  • Easy-to-use SQL-like query language called Real-time Analytics Query Language (RAQL);
  • Pluggable analytics functionality for Java developers to include machine learning, descriptive statistics, and R using intuitive APIs;
  • BigMemory bundled with the ability to scale to terabytes of in-memory analytics.

*Gartner, Inc., Predicts 2013: In-Memory Computing: Growing Gains, but Also Growing Pains, Massimo Pezzini, et. al. November, 30, 2012.

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