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Terracotta BigMemory to Anchor Next-Gen Data Management Strategy for Software AG

In-Memory Access to Big Data Transformational in Supporting Business Processes and Enabling Faster Business Decisions

San Francisco, Calif., March 6, 2012

News Facts

  • Terracotta Inc. today announced that its BigMemory technology will serve as the foundation of Software AG's Next-Generation Data Management Platform.
  • BigMemory is central to Software AG's new strategy, providing low latency, in-memory access to terabytes (TBs) of data from any source. This enables customers to process large volume and wide varieties of Big Data 1,000 times faster than current technologies.
  • This speed and scalability supports entirely new business processes and faster business decisions.
  • Organizations can transform their business by taking maximum advantage of the volume, velocity and variety of Big Data.

Market Context

  • In-Memory for Big Data. In-memory + Big Data = BigMemory. This new speed, scalability and flexibility meets the rapidly changing requirements needed to power competitive businesses, which translates to real-time access to data, a more scalable platform, and faster processing.
  • Overcoming Big Data Challenges. Terracotta's BigMemory technology, as a key part of Software AG's next-gen data management strategy, helps organizations overcome the difficulties encountered in managing Big Data with traditional data management approaches, such as the propagation of data silos resulting from new database types.
  • Software AG Expanding on BigMemory. BigMemory is already deployed at hundreds of enterprise customers for multi-terabyte in-memory use cases. Software AG plans to expand on BigMemory with capabilities that include in-flight processing of event streams and services for data profiling and aggregation, making real-time business analytics possible. In addition, the strategy covers processing of data from all data environments--transactional, analytic, relational/non-relational, Hadoop/NoSQL--from a single in-memory store.

BigMemory: Enterprise Use Cases

  • Financial Services--One global e-commerce business, facilitating payments and money transfers via the Internet, deployed BigMemory for rapid fraud detection analysis to meet strict performance service-level agreements (SLAs). With four TBs of data in memory (and plans to grow to 18 TBs), it tests every transaction against 1,000s of rules requiring data from multiple sources to avoid millions in fraud loss.
  • Telecommunications--A major Australian telecommunications and information services company wanted to better serve its growing customer base, so it implemented BigMemory to enable fast, online access to billing information that is rapidly growing to 10 TBs, aggregated from multiple back-end systems.
  • Internet and High Tech--A large SaaS company wanted to reduce reliance on slow, costly databases by holding transient chat data, for its real-time collaboration application, in memory. BigMemory enabled fast, high availability chatting at any scale for users throughout the organization.

Supporting Quotes

  • "Software AG's plan to build its next-generation data management platform on top of Terracotta's BigMemory demonstrates the how critical in-memory access to Big Data has become in the last 12 months," said Gary Nakamura, general manager of Terracotta. "As a key component of Software AG's data management strategy, Terracotta BigMemory will continue to transform Big Data management through faster access to data and real-time processing."
  • "Immediate access to large amounts of data and its analysis in real time increases transparency enabling quick decisions and short reaction times. This enables organizations to respond to market changes immediately and realize significant competitive advantages. High speed and scalability in the analysis of large volumes of data is a critical success factor for companies," said Software AG CEO, Karl-Heinz Streibich.

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About Terracotta

Terracotta, Inc. is the leading provider of game changing Big Data management solutions for the enterprise. Its flagship product, BigMemory, is a Big Data in-memory solution that delivers performance at any scale. Terracotta's other award-winning data management solutions include Ehcache — the defacto caching standard for enterprise Java — and Quartz, a leading job scheduler. Terracotta supports the data management needs of a majority of the Global 2000 with over 2.5 million deployments of its products in 190 countries. Terracotta is a wholly owned subsidiary of Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW). For more information, please visit