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Dial Up Higher Profits:

Increase retention and revenue with BigMemory

Boost subscriber satisfaction — and your bottom line—with real-time Big Data access. Speed up support calls. Scale out e-services. Target ads and offers instantly. Plus, gain actionable insights from the massive amounts of data generated across your network. BigMemory delivers all these advantages, and more.

BigMemory for Telecommunications

Watch this 1-minute video that explains why BigMemory is relevant to Telecom companies.

Why BigMemory in Telecommunications?

  • Drive up satisfaction with improved support
  • Boost revenue via personalized cross-marketing
  • Increase retention by launching innovative real-time services
  • Secure a competitive edge using Big Data analytics
  • Reduce operating and technology costs

BigMemory's Impact

  • Speed data access by 100x or more
  • Boost throughput by 10x or more
  • Scale to TBs of customer, network, or machine data
  • Grow to 100,000s of users
  • Maintain 100% data availability, 24/7
  • Save $10s of millions in operating costs

Industry Success Stories

Click on the different industry headers below to read how BigMemory has helped companies all around the world get instant access to all of their data.

  • Financial Services
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Logistics
  • Government
  • eCommerce
  • Marketing Services
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Telecom
Financial Services

Better, Faster Fraud Detection Drives Higher Profits

A Fortune 500 online payments company uses BigMemory to drive real-time fraud detection and boost its bottom line

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Building a Global Media Distribution Platform with BigMemory

Major media technology provider successfully deploys platform supporting 6.5 million and prepares to expand worldwide

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Delivering New Revenue by Presenting Relevant Offers in Real Time

A Fortune 100 Shipping Company increases revenue by presenting relevant offers 85% faster

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Helping National Law Enforcement Agencies Solve Crimes Faster

Created an one-stop online source for all criminal justice records to aid national law enforcement

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Top Athletic Footwear Brand Scores E-commerce Win with BigMemory

Improves scalability and performance of online selling while reducing load on backend services

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Marketing & Loyalty

Top Loyalty Provider Adds Customers by Performing Transactions in Real Time

Signs major deals with large retail chains who demand instant service at point of sale

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Marketing & Loyalty

Top Online Travel Service Takes Off with BigMemory

Ensuring a fast, positive customer experience for global travelers while saving millions of dollars annually on infrastructure.

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Marketing & Loyalty

Telecommunications Leader Dials Up Profits with BigMemory

Scales online customer service to shift millions of customers away from expensive call centers.

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Big Opportunities in Telecommunications

Here are just a handful of ways telcos are resolving Big Data issues and gaining a real-time advantage with BigMemory.

Call Center

Call Center

Improve subscriber satisfaction with prompt, high quality customer service at any call volume. Speed access to account and billing information to shorten call times and increase agent productivity.



Shift customers to less costly, more convenient self-service channels. Deliver an e-service experience that exceeds subscribers' expectations and the business's SLAs — while saving millions in support costs.



Increase per-subscriber revenue with personalized offers presented instantly. Target subscribers on your Web site and transform your call center into a profit center. The right cross-marketing can boost telco profit margins by 12%.

Network Management

Network Management

Ensure a superior customer experience by improving the performance of your network management application. Accelerate issue resolution, deploy new services rapidly, and increase operational efficiency.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Capitalize on the flood of data generated by your customers, network, and operations. There are countless ways to exploit real-time Big Data insights, including churn reduction, pricing optimization, operational planning, to name just a few. More than half of all telco operators have made Big Data a strategic priority.