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Captivate Consumers with Better, Faster Media Experiences

The digital media era—with its empowered consumers and multitude of devices—requires the ability to access, process, and analyze massive amounts of data at lightning speed. That’s why so many media giants rely on BigMemory to power their services, sites, and apps. With real-time Big Data access, they gain unprecedented insights into their audience and can deliver engaging entertainment experiences that win fans and boost bottom-line performance.

BigMemory for Media & Entertainment

Watch this short video that explains why BigMemory is relevant to Media & Entertainment companies.

Why BigMemory in Media & Entertainment?

  • Grow revenue and loyalty with rich entertainment experiences
  • Deliver digital content to any device, at any scale, at ultra-fast speed
  • Keep pace with the rapid rise in online and mobile media consumption
  • Turn real-time insights into increased content and advertising relevance
  • Scale for a worldwide audience, easily and cost-effectively

BigMemory Impacts Big Data

  • A coalition of the world's top media companies streams movies to more than 6.5 million North American subscribers
  • Australia's leading digital news media company supports 10X more users with 30X faster page loads on 8X fewer servers
  • The fifth largest U.S. cable operator ensures a seamless viewing experience for 1,000s of users of its TV-streaming iPad app
  • A gaming technology company maximizes the performance of a cloud-based avatar system used in Twitter, Facebook, Android, and iOS games

Industry Success Stories

Click on the different industry headers below to read how BigMemory has helped companies all around the world get instant access to all of their data.

  • Financial Services
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Logistics
  • Government
  • eCommerce
  • Marketing Services
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Telecom
Financial Services

Better, Faster Fraud Detection Drives Higher Profits

A Fortune 500 online payments company uses BigMemory to drive real-time fraud detection and boost its bottom line

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Building a Global Media Distribution Platform with BigMemory

Major media technology provider successfully deploys platform supporting 6.5 million and prepares to expand worldwide

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Delivering New Revenue by Presenting Relevant Offers in Real Time

A Fortune 100 Shipping Company increases revenue by presenting relevant offers 85% faster

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Helping National Law Enforcement Agencies Solve Crimes Faster

Created an one-stop online source for all criminal justice records to aid national law enforcement

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Top Athletic Footwear Brand Scores E-commerce Win with BigMemory

Improves scalability and performance of online selling while reducing load on backend services

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Marketing & Loyalty

Top Loyalty Provider Adds Customers by Performing Transactions in Real Time

Signs major deals with large retail chains who demand instant service at point of sale

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Marketing & Loyalty

Top Online Travel Service Takes Off with BigMemory

Ensuring a fast, positive customer experience for global travelers while saving millions of dollars annually on infrastructure.

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Marketing & Loyalty

Telecommunications Leader Dials Up Profits with BigMemory

Scales online customer service to shift millions of customers away from expensive call centers.

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Big Opportunities in Media & Entertainment

Here are just a handful of ways media and entertainment companies are resolving Big Data issues and gaining a real-time advantage with BigMemory.

Streaming Entertainment

Ensure a seamless streaming experience for millions of TV, movie, and music lovers. Achieve exceptional performance at massive scale with instant access to media files, content metadata, subscriber information, network metrics, and more. BigMemory helps the world’s most popular streaming media services deliver anytime, anywhere entertainment on devices of all types.

Digital News Media

Increase your reach and relevance by boosting the performance of Web and mobile news apps. Maintain superior response times when big stories break, and scale seamlessly as more news is consumed online or via mobile devices. BigMemory allows media companies to create an attention-grabbing consumer experience while reducing the cost of content management.

Online Gaming

Build gamer loyalty with realistic, hyper-fast play. Instantly access and process terabytes of game data—game rules, player actions, landscape maps and frames—to turbocharge massively multiplayer online (MMO) and mobile games. BigMemory powers immersive gameplay for millions of concurrent users, helping leaders like Electronic Arts and PartyGaming win in the market.


Deliver targeted content and promotions in real-time. Personalize a player’s gaming experience, increase revenue with contextual and location-based ads, or help users discover new movies and artists with on-target recommendations. With BigMemory, media and entertainment companies can engage consumers and increase sales in ways never before possible.

Real-Time Intelligence

Power real-time Big Data analytics to unlock the insights hidden in every click, tweet, post, feed, and screen touch. BigMemory integrates easily with Hadoop, creating countless opportunities for media companies to profit from today’s vast and various data sources. Applications include customer sentiment analysis, consumer behavior analysis, ad targeting, campaign management, yield management, and network performance analysis.