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Finance and Big Data:

Boost Performance and Profits with BigMemory

One out of three Fortune 500 banks, as well as the world's largest credit card and online payment processors, rely on BigMemory to power their applications and analytics. Why? Financial services firms live Big Data. They also need speed. And nothing goes as big or as fast as BigMemory.

By taking advantage of real-time access to huge amounts of data — for operations as varied as fraud detection, risk analytics, and trade order management — BigMemory customers have added millions to their bottom line.

BigMemory for Financial Services

Watch this short video that explains why BigMemory is relevant to Financial Services companies.

Why BigMemory in Financial Services?

  • Improve the performance of high-speed, high-volume applications
  • Manage risk and allocate capital more effectively
  • Profit from smarter, faster fraud detection
  • Cultivate more valuable customer relationships
  • Outpace competitors with real-time Big Data intelligence
  • Turbocharge your most time-sensitive, data-intensive applications

BigMemory Impacts Big Data

  • Added millions in profit with real-time fraud detection
  • Cut trade reconciliation from 45 minutes to 45 seconds
  • Doubled throughput for trade order processing
  • Boosted SLA compliance from 90% to 99.999%

Industry Success Stories

Click on the different industry headers below to read how BigMemory has helped companies all around the world get instant access to all of their data.

  • Financial Services
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Logistics
  • Government
  • eCommerce
  • Marketing Services
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Telecom
Financial Services

Better, Faster Fraud Detection Drives Higher Profits

A Fortune 500 online payments company uses BigMemory to drive real-time fraud detection and boost its bottom line

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Building a Global Media Distribution Platform with BigMemory

Major media technology provider successfully deploys platform supporting 6.5 million and prepares to expand worldwide

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Delivering New Revenue by Presenting Relevant Offers in Real Time

A Fortune 100 Shipping Company increases revenue by presenting relevant offers 85% faster

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Helping National Law Enforcement Agencies Solve Crimes Faster

Created an one-stop online source for all criminal justice records to aid national law enforcement

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Top Athletic Footwear Brand Scores E-commerce Win with BigMemory

Improves scalability and performance of online selling while reducing load on backend services

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Marketing & Loyalty

Top Loyalty Provider Adds Customers by Performing Transactions in Real Time

Signs major deals with large retail chains who demand instant service at point of sale

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Marketing & Loyalty

Top Online Travel Service Takes Off with BigMemory

Ensuring a fast, positive customer experience for global travelers while saving millions of dollars annually on infrastructure.

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Marketing & Loyalty

Telecommunications Leader Dials Up Profits with BigMemory

Scales online customer service to shift millions of customers away from expensive call centers.

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Big Opportunities in Financial Services

Here are just a handful of ways financial services firms are resolving Big Data issues and gaining a real-time advantage with BigMemory.



Trade Order Management — Manage orders in memory to increase processing throughput and scale seamlessly with transient trading peaks and long-term growth.

Trade Reconciliation — Boost the speed and stability of trade reconciliation applications to improve efficiency and limit operational risk.

Risk and Asset Management

Risk and Asset Management

Risk and Compliance Reporting — Use in-memory data to speed analytics and reporting for faster, more informed decisions on how to best deploy capital and mitigate risk.

Collateral Management — Reduce risk exposure and support a higher volume of collateralized loans with real-time access to the data required to re-price and recall assets.

Payment Processing

Payment Processing

Payment Authorizations — Accelerate the processing of online and mobile payments and boost profits by instantly identifying and rejecting blacklisted accounts.

Real-Time Fraud Detection — Prevent millions in losses with in-process fraud detection based on complex algorithms with thousands of rules.

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Customer Portals — Build customer loyalty by improving the convenience of online and mobile banking with reliable, ultra-fast access to account and other self-service information.

Personalization — Deepen customer relationships and increase profits with targeted cross-sell offers, displayed instantly through Web or mobile channels.

Real-Time Intelligence

Real-Time Intelligence

Real-Time Big Data Analytics — Unlock the value in transaction, portfolio, market, customer, and other data. Improve performance and profits with real-time intelligence that can enhance investment decisions, risk management, customer targeting, and much more.

Hadoop Integration — Pair BigMemory with Hadoop, exchanging data through an in-memory hub to speed Big Data analysis and leverage the resulting insights more quickly.

Event Stream Processing (ESP) — Power event-driven applications, such as trading or risk management systems. Achieve low, predictable latencies and handle high-volume, high-velocity data streams in order to respond to market events in real time.