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Ring Up More Sales with BigMemory:

Improve Big Data Performance Challenges

Create richer, faster online shopping experiences and increase customer satisfaction with BigMemory.

BigMemory makes a difference by enabling real-time, in-memory access to massive amounts of retail data—from millions of customer records to your entire product catalog.

BigMemory for Big Data in Media, Gaming and Advertising

Watch this 1-minute video that explains why BigMemory is relevant to eCommerce companies.

Why BigMemory in eCommerce?

  • Speed — Web response over 100x for faster page loads, speedier searches, and quicker checkouts
  • Scalability — Effortlessly grow to millions of users and thousands of transactions per second
  • Stability — Offload cumbersome and limiting back-end services
  • Cost Efficient — Save millions by consolidating Web servers, costly databases, and mainframes
  • Revenue Growth — Real-time personalization will immediately increase customer spend

BigMemory's Impact

  • Detect transaction fraud in real-time
  • Deliver customized content
  • Milliseconds response times
  • 60% operating margin increase
  • Reduce search by 30%
  • Store 90% of product data requests

Industry Success Stories

Click on the different industry headers below to read how BigMemory has helped companies all around the world get instant access to all of their data.

  • Financial Services
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Logistics
  • Government
  • eCommerce
  • Marketing Services
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Telecom
Financial Services

Better, Faster Fraud Detection Drives Higher Profits

A Fortune 500 online payments company uses BigMemory to drive real-time fraud detection and boost its bottom line

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Building a Global Media Distribution Platform with BigMemory

Major media technology provider successfully deploys platform supporting 6.5 million and prepares to expand worldwide

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Delivering New Revenue by Presenting Relevant Offers in Real Time

A Fortune 100 Shipping Company increases revenue by presenting relevant offers 85% faster

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Helping National Law Enforcement Agencies Solve Crimes Faster

Created an one-stop online source for all criminal justice records to aid national law enforcement

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Top Athletic Footwear Brand Scores E-commerce Win with BigMemory

Improves scalability and performance of online selling while reducing load on backend services

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Marketing & Loyalty

Top Loyalty Provider Adds Customers by Performing Transactions in Real Time

Signs major deals with large retail chains who demand instant service at point of sale

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Marketing & Loyalty

Top Online Travel Service Takes Off with BigMemory

Ensuring a fast, positive customer experience for global travelers while saving millions of dollars annually on infrastructure.

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Marketing & Loyalty

Telecommunications Leader Dials Up Profits with BigMemory

Scales online customer service to shift millions of customers away from expensive call centers.

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Big Opportunities in eCommerce

Just a handful of ways eCommerce businesses are resolving their big data issues, and gaining a real-time advantage by using BigMemory to gain a real-time advantage.

Site Performance

Site Performance

Seamlessly improve site performance, even when traffic spikes and transactions skyrocket. Slash web response times for faster page loads, speedier searches, quicker checkouts, and a better customer experience. Whether it's Cyber Monday, Black Friday or just aggressive and consistent growth — you'll keep pace as your site will have the speed it any scale.



Increase customer spend and loyalty by displaying customized content instantly. Convert browsers into repeat buyers with real-time couponing, targeted promotions, and product recommendations. Personalization — or "me-commerce" — can lift sales by more than 10%!

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs

Add speed and scale to your loyalty program platform. Dramatically increase transaction throughput while immediately rewarding customers with points and relevant offers. BigMemory powers the loyalty platform used by such e-commerce standouts as Amazon, Apple, L.L. Bean, and Barnes & Noble.

Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection

Give your bottom line a boost in real-time. Run complex fraud detection algorithms based on thousands of rules — without causing the delays that lead to system timeouts or abandoned shopping carts. Avoid tens of millions of dollars in fraud loss.

Customer Insights

Customer Insights

Gain a competitive edge and propel your business forward by capturing, managing, and mining your Big Data, in real-time. There's a vast volume of customer and transactional data unleashed by mobile, social media, and location-based technologies. Uncover new customer insights, optimize pricing, increase marketing effectiveness, just to start.