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Hospitality & Travel
  • Speed Online Bookings
  • Present Personalized
Travel Takes Off

Boost service quality and bookings. Set your services apart by using real-time Big Data access and insight to enhance your customers’ travel experiences. Improve online trip planning, speed up reservation processing, and personalize customer interactions before, during, and after check-in. In the fast-paced, intensely competitive travel industry, Terracotta is your ticket to making service improvements that are rewarded with higher bookings and brand loyalty.

Availability | Reservations | Online & Mobile | Yield Management | Personalization | Loyalty | Real-Time Intelligence | Mainframe Offload

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Retail & Ecommerce
  • Improve Website Experience
  • Deliver Relevant Instant Coupons
Ring Up More Sales

Deliver a richer, faster ecommerce experience with Terracotta. Your online retailing is turbocharged by receiving real-time access to all of your data – everything from the entire product catalog and prices to customer accounts and reviews. Benefit from the Big Data explosion that has rocked the ecommerce industry. Maximize your margins by containing fraud and technology costs.

Site Performance | Personalization | Loyalty Fraud Detection | Customer Insights

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Media & Entertainment
  • Stream Programming
  • Enable On-Demand Service
Show-Stopping Performance

The digital media era requires the ability to access, process, and analyze massive amouints of data at lightning speed. That’s twhy so many media giants rely on Terracotta to power their services, sites, and apps. With real-time Big Data access, our customers gain unprecedented insights into their audience and can deliver engaging experiences that win fans and boosts bottom-line performance.

Streaming | Digital News | Online Gaming | Personalization | Real-Time Intelligence

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Financial Services
Financial Services
  • Improve Fraud Detection
  • Mitigate Risk
Banking on Big Data

Boost performance and profits. One out of three Fortune 500 banks, as well as the world’s largest credit card and online payment processors, rely on Terracotta to power their applications and analytics. Why? Financial services firms live Big Fast Data. They need speed, and nothing goes as big or as fast as our products. Take advantage of real-time access to huge amounts of data – and add millions to your bottom line.

Trading | Risk and Asset Management | Payment Processing | Customer Engagement | Capital Markets | Real-Time Intelligence

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  • Enhance Mobile and Online Offerings
  • Speed Up Customer Service
Dial up Higher Profits

Boost subscriber satisfaction – and your bottom line – with real-time Big Data access. Speed up support calls, scale out e-services, target ads and offers instantly. Plus gain actionable insights from the massive amounts of data generated across your network. Increase retention and boost revenue by launching innovative, personalized, real-time services.

Call Center | eService | Analytics Personalization | Network Management

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