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Welcome to the Terracotta 4.2 Product Documentation


  • Cross Language Client Support: access to BigMemory data from multiple client platforms (Java, .NET/C# and C++)

  • Multi-data center support: WAN data replication to keep data in sync across regions while offering support for disaster recovery

  • Support for extended hybrid storage: leverages SSD & Flash technologies in addition to DRAM

  • Search and BigMemory SQL: Flexible, performant search and support for SQL to query in-memory data

  • High Availability: Full fault-tolerance and Fast Restartable Store™ technology delivers 99.999% uptime

  • Cost-effective scaling: 10-100x more data on a single server (versus classic P2P in-memory grids like Oracle Coherence) delivers cost-effective scaling - 1000x faster than disk

  • Management: Terracotta Management Console™ provides a customizable Web dashboard for advanced monitoring and administration of Terracotta deployments

  • Seamless Data Upgrade for Customers: From version 4.1 onwards, data is preserved on upgrade when persistence is enabled

  • Configurable consistency keeps data in synch across your array

  • Ehcache interface (most widely used get/put API) means no need to rip up code

Product Documentation

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