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Starting up TSA or CLC as Windows Service using the Service Wrapper

A Windows service supports scheduling and automatic start and restart. You might want to run the Terracotta Server Array or the Cross-Language Connector, which are Java applications, as a Windows service. If so, use the Service Wrapper located inside the kit at $installdir/server/wrapper (or, for 3.7, $installdir/wrapper).


To start the service, set your JAVA_HOME in conf/wrapper-tsa.conf or conf/wrapper-clc.conf. For example:


The wrapper does not read your JAVA_HOME from the environment. For Windows, if you do not want to set it in the configuration file, comment it out and set JAVA_HOME in the registry instead.

Configuration Files

For the Cross-Language Connector, you need these configuration files:

  • conf/cross-language-config.xml
  • conf/ehcache.xml

For the TSA, you need this configuration file:

  • conf/tc-config.xml

Overwrite those files with your own. If you want to change these file names, modify the names in the wrapper configurations.

Modify the TSA conf/wrapper-tsa.conf file to match the server name in your tc-config.xml:


where server0 represents the name of the server you want to start.

Set Permissions

The services are controlled by an Administrator user, so you have to confirm for every action, such as install, start, stop, remove.

In addition, the Administrator user needs to have read/write permission for the "wrapper" directory.

Install and Start the Service

The wrapper service is located at $installdir/server/wrapper .

To install the service wrapper, run the script with the install parameter:

%> bin/tsa-service.bat install 

NOTE: The examples in this section show the TSA script. For the Cross-Language Connector, use the clc-service or clc-service.bat script.

Then you can either start/stop the service:

%> bin/tsa-service.bat start 
%> bin/tsa-service.bat stop 

If you want to remove the service:

%> bin/tsa-service.bat remove 

There are more commands available when you run the script without any parameter:

%> bin/tsa-service.bat 

Changing Wrapper Configuration

There are comments in wrapper-tsa.conf and wrapper-clc.conf to explain each parameter. If you need to modify JVM system properties, classpath, or command line parameters, follow the current pattern. Pay close attention to their numerical order and parameter counts.

For more information, see