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Quartz Scheduler 2.2

Quartz Scheduler is a full-featured job scheduling service for Java applications. The TerracottaJobStore for Quartz Scheduler clusters that service. Clustering Quartz Scheduler using TerracottaJobStore and running on the Terracotta Server Array provides a number of advantages:

  • Adds High-Availability – Use "hot" standbys to immediately replace failed servers with no downtime, no lost data.
  • Includes a Locality API – Route jobs to specific node groups or base routing decisions on system characteristics and available resources.
  • Improves Performance – Offload traditional databases and automatically distribute load.
  • Provides a Clear Scale-Out Path – Add capacity without requiring additional database resources.
  • Ensures Persistence – Automatically back up shared data without impacting cluster performance.

To install the TerracottaJobStore for Quartz Scheduler, see Clustering Quartz Scheduler.