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Working with Terracotta License Files

A Terracotta license file is required to run enterprise versions of Terracotta products. The name of the file is terracotta-license.key and must not be changed. Trial versions of Terracotta enterprise products expire after a trial period. Expiration warnings are issued both to logs and standard output to allow enough time to contact Terracotta for an extension.

Each node using an enterprise version of Terracotta software requires a copy of the license file or configuration that specifies the file's location. By default, the file is provided in the root directory of the Terracotta software kit. To avoid having to explicitly specify the file's location, you can leave it in the kit's root directory.

Or, more generally, ensure that the resource /terracotta-license.key is on the same classpath as the Terracotta Toolkit runtime JAR. (The standard Terracotta Toolkit runtime JAR is included with Terracotta kits. See the installation section in the chapter for your Terracotta product for more information on how to install this JAR file). For example, the license file could be placed in WEB-INF/classes when using a web application.

Explicitly Specifying the Location of the License File

If the file is in the Terracotta installation directory, you can specify it with:


If the file is in a different location, you can specify it with:

Alternatively, the path to the license file can be specified by adding the following to the beginning of the Terracotta configuration file (tc-config.xml by default):

    <property name="productkey.path" value="path/to/terracotta-license.key" />
    <!-- Other here. -->

To refer to a license file that is in a WAR or JAR file, substitute productkey.resource.path for productkey.path.

Verifying Products and Features

There are a number of ways to verify what products and features are allowed and what limitations are imposed by your product key. The first is by looking at the readable file (terracotta-license.key) containing the product key.

Second, at startup Terracotta software logs a message detailing the product key. The message is printed to the log and to standard output. The message should appear similar to the following:

2010-11-03 15:56:53,701 INFO - Terracotta license loaded from 
Capabilities: DCV2, authentication, ehcache, ehcache monitor, ehcache offheap, operator console,
quartz, roots, server array offheap, server striping, sessions
Date of Issue: 2010-10-16
Edition: FX
Expiration Date: 2011-01-03
License Number: 0000
License Type: Trial
Licensee: Terracotta QA
Max Client Count: 100
Product: Enterprise Suite
ehcache.maxOffHeap: 200G
terracotta.serverArray.maxOffHeap: 200G

Terracotta server information panels in the Terracotta Developer Console and Terracotta Operations Center also contain license details.