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The Terracotta Server Array

The Terracotta Server Array provides the platform for Terracotta products and the backbone for Terracotta clusters. A Terracotta Server Array can vary from a basic two-node tandem to a multi-node array providing configurable scale, high performance, and deep failover coverage.

The main features of the Terracotta Server Array include:

  • Scalability Without Complexity – Simple configuration to add server instances to meet growing demand and facilitate capacity planning
  • High Availability – Instant failover for continuous uptime and services
  • Configurable Health Monitoring – Terracotta HealthChecker for inter-node monitoring
  • Persistent Application State – Automatic permanent storage of all current shared (in-memory) data
  • Automatic Node Reconnection – Temporarily disconnected server instances and clients rejoin the cluster without operator intervention

Terracotta Server Array documentation describes how to:

  • Use Terracotta configuration files
  • Set up High Availability
  • Work with different cluster architectures to meet failover, persistence, and scaling needs
  • Improve performance using BigMemory
  • Add cluster security
  • Manage cluster topology

Start with learning about Terracotta configuration files and setting up High Availability, then see the architecture section to find a cluster setup that meets your needs. Once you have a test cluster running, add BigMemory and measure performance improvement.

To learn about the Terracotta Server Array with specific products such as BigMemory and Enterprise Ehcache, see the Terracotta documentation for those products.